Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for doing business with Princess Home Solutions.

By filling out the Job Application  form on www.princesshomesolutions.com I agree to the following conditions.

1. This contract will be valid starting your first day of work

2. On this contract I declare that I am not an employee of Princess Home Solutions, I am a contractor and independent of Princess Home Solutions. I will be providing house cleaning / babysitting and pet sitting. Services

3. The clients that are assigned to me are exclusive clients of the company , The company is in charge of assigning the work.

4. Under no circumstances will I make any salary arrangements directly with any client.

5. I understand that the contract is on trial for 15 days, After the trial period It is up to the client to decide if I continue to work

6. I will follow my assigned schedule , I’m going to be on time since at the third unexcused late arrival will mean the cancellation of this contract, I have to notify the company and the client , at least 4 hours before my scheduled time if I am going to be late. In case I need a day off I will notify the company at least a week in advance.

7. I will not be paid for the time that I do not work.

8. In case of discrimination or abuse towards me or my co-workers , I have to immediately notify the authorities.

9. Under no circumstances will I verbally or physically abuse anybody , including children , babies, the elderly, and the animals , any incident of abuse or mistreatment will be promptly reported to the authorities.

10. In case of a report of missing or damaged property from where I worked, the damages will be deducted from the payment.

11. I have no authorization to let anybody , including friends, family or any person to go inside the property where I am working , I also can not utilize any of the clients property for personal use , except in case of an emergency.

12. It is prohibited to be under the influence of any drugs or alchol, it is also prohibited to smoke, drink or use any drugs in the work area.

13. I promise I’m going to follow all the guidelines and schedules established within the work area.

14. I understand that Princess Home Solutions is a staffing agency , and that they are not responsible for any of my actions and I am not an employee of Princess Home Solutions.

15. In case I am hurt or injured during the course of my duties, I will seek help by contacting the appropriate medical facility . I understand that Princess Home Solutions , does not provide any Health or insurance benefits , I will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Thank You

The Princess Home Solutions team.

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